2018 Accomplishments

Following is a summary of what we achieved in 2018 together with our partners and your support.


In 2018, Trout unlimited’s north coast coho project…


Improved salmon and steelhead habitat by adding large wood structure to streams.

Eleven projects; 14.9 mile of stream habitat improved; 918 pieces of wood installed instream.

Watersheds: Ten Mile River, Noyo River, Navarro River, Big River, Garcia River, Eel River, Albion River


Improved road drainage and decommissioned roads to reduce sediment flowing into streams.

Two projects; 2.35 road miles treated; 5,515 cubic yards of sediment prevented from eroding into streams.

Watersheds: South Fork Eel River, Noyo River.

Navarro SiteE_post.jpg

Removed fish passage barriers and reconnected stream channels.

Three projects; 1 stream mile made accessible for migrating salmon and steelhead.

Watersheds: Big River, Eel River, Van Duzen.


Completed project designs.

Two fish passage projects; 3.72 stream miles expected to be opened for migrating salmon and steelhead.

Watersheds: Navarro River, Van Duzen.