California water rights guide

Funding provided by the State of California Wildlife Conservation Board and The Nature Conservancy


California Water Rights Guide

A new guide produced by Trout Unlimited is intended to improve public awareness of how water can legally be taken from streams in California – or left in-stream to provide more water for fish, wildlife, and recreation. A Guide to California Water Rights for Small Water Users is a first-of-its-kind handbook that helps small water users answer a basic question: Do I have a water right covering my existing or proposed water use, and if not, do I need to obtain one from the Water Board?

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manly gulch fish passage improvement

Included in the National Fish Habitat Partnership’s 2018 Waters to Watch List

Manly Gulch is a tributary to the Little North Fork of the Big River in Mendocino County. In the 1930’s, a WPA project completely blocked fish passage for steelhead and coho salmon. In 2017, Trout Unlimited’s North Coast Coho Project restored access by restoring and realigning 600 feet of the stream and reconnecting it to the Little North Fork. This improved flow and improved sediment conditions, as well as providing off-channel high flow refugia for juvenile salmonids during high flow conditions. benefiting The project included the creation of a 70-foot long backwater alcove and 530 feet of channel with gravel riffles, pools and large wood cover structure. In addition a new bridge was built over Manly Gulch where it crosses State Park Road.

The project also provided off-channel high-flow refugia for juvenile salmonids during elevated flows in the Little North Fork of the Big River. And it provided access for both juvenile and adult steelhead and coho to more than 4,000 feet of spawning and rearing habitat in the upper reaches of this stream.

Bridge built over Manly Gulch

Bridge built over Manly Gulch