Anna Halligan

North Coast Coho Project Director

I was raised in the foothills of North Carolina where as a child I frequently could be found tromping through the woods or wandering within the creek that extended behind our family’s home. I grew up catching lightening bugs in jars, camping, fishing, hiking, and horseback riding with family and friends. My passion for the outdoors and conservation led me to Asheville, NC where I attended Warren Wilson College earning my bachelors in Environmental Science. As a student I had the unique opportunity to travel to southeast Alaska, and there originated my admiration of salmon and salmon fishing. My career has led me into a lot of interesting watersheds where I’ve had the pleasure to work with lots of great people that all strive to make a difference. I’ve worked on projects that focus on restoring freshwater fisheries habitat, enhancing water quality and instream flow, addressing stormwater runoff, and managing invasive species. I have also worked closely with ranchers and farmers on projects that can improve grazing practices that minimize erosion and enahnce water quality. With all of my work I strive to find innovative ways to help communities live responsibly on the lands that sustain them.


Elizabeth mackey

North Coast Project Manager

Elizabeth is the Project Manager for TU’s North Coast Coho Project.  She helps coordinate with the vast array of NCCP partners to develop and manage stream habitat restoration projects throughout the North Coast region of California.  Elizabeth was born and raised in Madison, WI where she also received her B.S. in Zoology and Biological Aspects of Conservation from University of Wisconsin-Madison.  She also has a Graduate Certificate in Fisheries Management from Oregon State University.  In 2010, Elizabeth journeyed to the Pacific Northwest where she fell in love with the conservation of listed anadromous fish species and stream restoration ecology.  In her spare time, Elizabeth can be found hiking, backpacking, gardening, and enjoying her time spent with friends and family.